Ezra Cohen Montreal Gets Real About the Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Ezra Cohen Montreal Almond Butter Benefits

At Ezra Cohen Montreal, we believe it should always be easy for you to learn more about the foods that you love. To that end, we’re always ready to share the research around the health benefits of our most popular products. And this week, we decided to tackle the benefits behind one of our all-time favorites: almond butter.

Almond butter is more than just a delicious addition to meals, snacks, and recipes. It’s a vitamin-rich, nutrient-rich food that helps your body be at its best and get more of the good stuff. So what exactly are those benefits? Here are three of the biggest ones.

Benefits of Almond Butter From Ezra Cohen Montreal

1. It’s chock full of wholesome nutrition

Every single tablespoon of this tasty spread features plenty of the nutrition you need, including protein, fiber, healthy fats, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, phosphorus, and a whole lot more. Compared to peanut butter, almond butter boasts more fiber, less sugar, and less saturated and unsaturated fat, making it an excellent alternative to the original nut butter king and an all-around great food for maintaining a healthy diet.

2. It can help control your blood sugar

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a role in more than 300 of your body’s key processes, and that includes regulating your blood sugar (hence the reason that a large portion of people with diabetes turn out to have a magnesium imbalance or deficiency). You’ll find about 45 milligrams of magnesium in every tablespoon of almond butter, which accounts for a decent amount of the 400 or so milligrams you should be consuming every day. So slather it on toast, blend it into your smoothies, or build your own flavorful almond butter parfait—your blood sugar will thank you.

3. It’s great for weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, then almond butter is an excellent choice for helping you do it. Almonds have been associated with lower body fat levels and slimmer waistlines, and have been found to be more effective than just lowering your calories and upping your complex carbohydrates.

A lot of this comes down to all those key vitamins and minerals, and especially all that protein. Simply put, almond butter keeps you full for longer while also filling in a lot of the nutritional gaps that might be standing in the way of effective weight loss. Not too shabby for something so inherently delicious.

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Written by Ezra Cohen
Ezra Cohen, food aficionado and entrepreneur created his own line of nut butter. Always curious about new ways to consume nut butter, he shares all his new recipes on this blog! Don't hesitate to comment with your own tips and share online!